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At Wegmann Law Firm, we represent a broad portfolio of clients in a wide range of practice areas. If you need a workers’ compensation lawyer, child custody attorney, estate planning lawyer, or business lawyer, our law firm provides effective representation for individuals, businesses, municipalities, schools, and organizations throughout Jefferson County, MO.


Have you been injured in an accident, at work, or due to the actions or negligence of a third party? We work to obtain appropriate compensation for injured clients to ensure that your current and future medical needs are met. We have represented clients in all types of serious personal injury and accidents.  


In most cases, injuries at work are accidents and workers obtain workers’ compensation to relieve the financial stress and cover medical expenses. When a worker was knowingly exposed to unsafe conditions or proper safety measures were not in place, the injured employee may be able to seek compensation from a negligent third party or the employer by filing a suit. We can provide a workplace accident attorney to advise you of your rights.


Facing criminal charges is a frightening and confusing time. If you need a criminal attorney or DUI lawyer, we provide support and advocate on your behalf throughout the entire process. We represent clients charged with drug crimes, white-collar crimes, sex crimes, DUI, traffic violations, and violent crimes.


In addition to injuries, workers’ compensation, and criminal law, we provide services in several practice areas, including estate and probate, insurance law, child support, custody, real estate law, and business law. Please contact our office at 636-797-2665 to schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney, a paternity lawyer, real estate lawyer, or insurance attorney.

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